Adrienne is an award-winning and internationally exhibited documentary and nature photographer based in the suburbs of Chicago. Inspired by magical realism, she uses her to camera to find fantastical elements at play in the real world. The roots of this approach go back to her childhood years in Virginia: a tapestry of riverside adventures, mile-high tree climbs, and lots and lots of books.
Adrienne is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Vermont and an honors graduate of Harrington College of Design in Chicago. She is a writer, designer, and photographer.
Prior to having children, Adrienne built kayaks in Ireland, rode with gauchos in Brazil, drank aquavit in Norway, won bocce tournaments in Argentina, and took her senior thesis with Stephen King.
In her current life as a suburbanite and mom, her best travels have been inward - using photography and writing as portals through which to enter new inner worlds.
Adrienne loves LEGO, task-specific kitchen whisks, and anything written by Tom Robbins. 
Playing in the outdoors is her happy place.
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